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Digital Recreation

I’m an assistant professor at the Department of Operations and Decision Systems of Université Laval. My virtual home at the Faculty of Business Administration of Université Laval is Please also consider visiting my [Welcome] page.

This page contains useful and interesting links on various topics.

On this page:
[Programming fonts]
[Scratch projects]

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C++ Faq: [→ cplusplus.com]
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years by Peter Norvig: [→ norvig.com]


Programming fonts

0s are trying to look like Os, and ls want to be 1s? Try these programming fonts:
Proggy font: [→ ProggyFonts.net]
Bitstream Vera font: [→ gnome.com]



What are true random numbers? [→ Random.org]



Scratch is a fun programming language where you drag and drop instructions and let your mind race while creating games or animations. The language is aimed toward creativity. The intended audience is youth, but it’s fun for all ages. See some scratch projects on the computer science department of the Université Laval at [→ IFT.ULaval] . Here is a link to the official Scratch site [→ Scratch].


Arcade Volleyball Scratch is a Scratch-remake of Arcade Volleyball for two players.
Source code: [→ source]

Dinner of Cat: A set of programming exercises I developed in collaboration with Josée Desharnais for the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering of Université Laval. These exercises are available in French.
Source code: [→ source]

Scratchanoid: A Scratch-remake of Arkanoid... it's a little different from the original game...
Source code: [→ source]

Arcade Volleyball in Scratch Dinner of cat Scratchanoid



Some programming or research tools are out of this world. Most of them don’t have a peremption date.

Octave: Octave is an interpreted language for numerical computations at home or on the beach (even at the office): very Matlab-like and relaxing (!?). [→ gnu.org/software/octave]
R: Simply a powerful tool for analytics, statistics, and more! [→ r-project.org/]
Vim: No presentation is required for this timeless editor. [→ vim.org]


Last update: April 30, 2021
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