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I’m an assistant professor at the Department of Operations and Decision Systems of Université Laval. My research focuses on the (joint) application of optimization and machine learning in decision-making contexts for the development of state-of-art AI-based decision systems.

My research interests are:
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I maintain the following Linkedin profile and the following academic profiles Please use the following email address for correspondance purposes: Email Michael michael.morin@fsa.ulaval.ca

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Current position

Assistant Professor
Department of Operations and Decision Systems, Faculty of Business Administration, Université Laval


Services to the Research Community

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Commented list of selected projects

Machine Learning and Analytics for Optimization in Decision-Making
Funding organisms: FRQNT-BP [→ Frqnt]
Status: Involved since 2017

Optimization of Search Operations in Maritime Search and Rescue
Partners: Neosoft Technologies Inc., Canadian Coast Guard
Program: MITACS Accelerate internship [→ Mitacs]
Status: Involved as a research assistant in 2016, led to supplementary research contracts

Machine Learning for Real-time Predictions of Logs Transformation Outputs at Sawmills
Partners: FORAC, FPInnovations
Program: CRD-NSERC [→ Nserc]
Status: Involved as a research assistant in 2015 and as postdoctoral from 2015 to 2016, led to additional projects

Reverse Engineering of the Optimal Management Decision in a Sewerage System
Program: Engage Grants (NSERC) [→ Nserc]
Status: Involved since 2015

Search and Coverage Path Planning
Funding organisms: FRQNT and NSERC scholarships for Ph.D. (alphabetical order) [→ Frqnt] [→ Nserc]
Status: Ph. D. thesis

Generating Predictive Models from Advertisements
Partners: Cossette Media, Vision7 International
Program: MITACS Accelerate internship [→ Mitacs]
Status: Involved as a research assistant in 2014

Multi-criteria Mission Route Planning for Search, Surveillance and Rescue in Hazardous Environments
Web page: [→ FSA.ULaval]
Partner: Defence Research Canada
Program: MITACS [→ Mitacs]
Status: Involved as a student from 2008 to 2010 and as a research assistant from 2009 to 2011



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